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Camping programs for Schools & Colleges

We at Campfire Circle organize picnics for school groups. If you are planning on educational expedition, come and avail the facilities provided by us where we not only take care of travel arrangements, but also aim at full care and responsibility regarding the safety & security of the students.

Life lessons on survival, adaptation and thinking on the feet are best taught in nature’s classroom. Our activities encourage school and college students to learn through experience.

Our Team enjoys the honor of organizing plenty of educational tours for students of many best schools, colleges and educational institutions in India.

These educational tour packages focus on the local culture, historical background and geographical knowledge with an understanding of flora & fauna of that area in India or abroad.

We are dedicated towards the creation of such an environment under which : 

Students learn how to develop their leadership skills (team building, team leadership etc.) Students learn the building the trust for better approach.

Students come to recognize what their limits (physical and mental) are and how to improve the level of those limits with the help of programs designed by  Campfire Circle.

Students can overcome their fear factor by specially designed jungle trekking, Kayaking, Zipping, river crossing, rappelling and many more. Students learn survival techniques.

Apart from these skills we organize the special Eco Trips, where the students get the face to face interactions with Natural scientist, Wildlife Specialist, Ecology Specialist, Scholars and Professors. The aims of these trips are to make students well aware of the eco system and know the value of wildlife.

  • Picturesque locations.
  • Team of trained and certified Outdoor Instructors, Naturalists.
  • Mentally and physically engaging tasks.
  • Separate accommodation and rest rooms for girls.
  • All necessary safety measures.
Confidence Building Conquering fears
Emotional Intelligence Leadership skills
Innovation Motivation
Conflict Management Personality Development
Breaking the barriers Communication skills
Norms/ Values Listening Skills
Quality Outlook Commitment
Time Management Developing Team-spirit
Bird watching & photography Around SRS Hills and Hulikeregunnur Lake
Trekking (3 hrs, 6 hrs) SRS Hills
Awareness program Snake demonstration, surviving skills, Forest Cleanup program
Farm Visit plantation Walk
Forest Camping Camping, Pitching Tents, Basic Cooking lessons
Herping Around SRS Hills and Hulikeregunnur Lake
Added Advantages of our team Building and Fun Games
  • Activities related to Skill development and communication will be included in between the games.
  • At the end of the program we will create a platform for every one share their experience about the event.
  • Activities are planned as such each and every member will get a chance to lead the team.
Outcome of Team Building Activities:
  • Improves morale and leadership skills.
  • Improves Communication Skills.
  • Improves processes and procedures.
  • Improves organizational productivity.
  • Identifies a team’s strengths and weaknesses.
List of Team Building Games
Campfire Circle Bull Ring
Campfire Circle Pipe and Marble Game
Campfire Circle Tug of War
Campfire Circle Ball Game With Ropes
Campfire Circle Ladder Walk
Campfire Circle Passing Balloons
Campfire Circle Ball and Bucket Game
Business Communication Session
  • Business communication context - Intrapersonal/interpersonal.
  • Language vs Communication - how to avoid Obstacles/ Strategies that give Emphasis to message.
  • Understanding Audience - self and others.
  • Effective Business Writing - Report & Email.
  • Presentation Skills.
  • Nonverbal Communication.
  • Managing Meetings.
  • Group Communication, Teamwork, and Leadership.
  • Persuasion Communication - making effective Negotiation/Sales.
  • Intercultural and International Business Communication.
  • Practical, real-world examples.
  • Exercises and key takeaways.
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Yogesh P
Founder, Facilitator, Program Development

Yogesh has been working in the field of Travel, Hotel, Eco-Tourism, Responsible tourism and adventure tourism since 2005. His passion for the outdoors, especially hiking in Western Ghats and exploring the unexplored is the main driving force behind Campfire Circle.His work with the forest department in different elephant camps has been recognized and appreciated.

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Passion for the outdoors and exploring the unexplored is the main driving force behind our dream project CAMPFIRE CIRCLE. Is an adventure, Wild life and offbeat vacation company based out of Bangalore.
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