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Rain dance with DJ system

The rain dance activity is a great way to keep the spirits up and make great music with your family or team. When the sun is too hot and the earth is too dry, it's time to shake with a rain dance. All age groups can have fun while getting some exercise.

Bonfire & Music with DJ System

Meals taste better when cooked over a campfire. It's equally true that the best conversations occur around a campfire. Safely enjoy the Bonfire with music and dance. We can organize for Bar-B-Q grills and skewers, and you can cook your favorite dishes on your own.

Campfire Circle
Campfire Circle

Swimming in lake with Life Jackets

Swimming with a life jacket is ideal for those learning how to swim or individuals swimming in lakes. Enjoy Swimming for some time and later rest and float in water.

Indoor Games: carom

Our Camp is a comfortable place for our guests to relax with their friends and family members and play various indoor games and have some fun all together.

Campfire Circle
Campfire Circle

Out Door Games

Cricket field, Archery, Volley ball, Basketball, Shuttle cock etc…
Outdoor Games are the best way to connect with your families and friends. Add to your touching memories by playing funny outdoor games that no one will forget.


Zip Line

Experience the thrill of flying over the serene lake. Our zipline is about 100mts and it is water landing. Yes, you're going to get wet.

It’s fun to land or have a splash in a serene lake. After landing in water, u can hop on to a kayak or a canoe or you can continue swimming with life jackets. Landing in lake is safe because u will be wearing a life jacket and you don’t really need to know swimming.

Campfire Circle
Campfire Circle


Campfire Circle offers you a chance to paddle on a serene lake and enjoy the picturesque mountains. Kayaking is one of the best ways to explore nature. We offer 2 seater kayaks to explore nature.


Campfire Circle offers you a chance to paddle on a serene lake and enjoy the picturesque mountains. Canoeying is one of the best ways to explore nature. We offer 4 seater canoe to explore nature, best suited for a family.

Campfire Circle

Team Building and Fun Activities

If you want to spend an active day out at the outdoors and want to engage and bond with your team, friends or family members, we are a great option. The place is a perfect mix of rugged outdoor activities to engage in and a relaxing ambience complete with serene lake and Hills.

Campfire Circle
Campfire Circle

Raft Building

In teams, you will be challenged to build a raft using your skills. Whether you make use of all the barrels / Bamboo wood and rope on offer is up to you! Once built, your team will then take to the water and achieve your overall mission: Race around the lake without sinking! Can your team win?


The game play is to shoot a Target board with bow and arrow and make a great high score. Prove your bow prowess with archery games. Aim for the bulls-eye! Nock your arrows and take aim!

Campfire Circle


A ropes course is a challenging outdoor personal development and team building activity which usually consists of high and/or low elements. We offer Rappelling, Jumaring, Reverse Crossing and many more rope activities at our campsite.

Campfire Circle


  • Avoid uncomfortable clothing.
  • Carrying jewellery or other valuables is not advisable.
  • No consumption of alcohol before or during the activity.
  • Please do not litter your surroundings.
Things To Carry
  • Comfortable Shoes.
  • 2 litres Water Bottle.
  • Personal medicine (If any).
  • Raincoat during monsoon.
Facilities @ Campfire Circle Adventure Camp
  • 2 Gazebos for Outdoor Entertainment and dining.
  • 100+ people capacity Open Restaurant next to the lake
  • Bonfire and Bar-B-Q Facility
  • Music with DJ System
  • 150+ people capacity Open Amphitheatre with lawn and Dance floor – Suitable for Birthday parties, Corporate Meetings, etc
  • Projector with Screen
  • Cricket Field
  • 30,000 Sq. Ft . Lawn area for Camping, Team building games and Fun activities
  • Rain Dance facility
  • Pickup and Drop facility
  • 8 Washrooms with Hot water facility
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Yogesh P
Founder, Facilitator, Program Development

Yogesh has been working in the field of Travel, Hotel, Eco-Tourism, Responsible tourism and adventure tourism since 2005. His passion for the outdoors, especially hiking in Western Ghats and exploring the unexplored is the main driving force behind Campfire Circle.His work with the forest department in different elephant camps has been recognized and appreciated.

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Passion for the outdoors and exploring the unexplored is the main driving force behind our dream project CAMPFIRE CIRCLE. Is an adventure, Wild life and offbeat vacation company based out of Bangalore.
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